Powdered African Black Soap Powder (Black Soap Powder)


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This is the African Black Soap in powder form. The difference between black soap powder and black soap gel or bar is that the powdered black soap has not been mixed with liquids to make it into a gel or block form.  Black Soap powder is plain and ready for reformulation. It’s easier to mix and work with if you are a skincare formulator or prefer to add your own blend of oils and ingredients to create your own custom-made black soap.

Product Form/ Appearance: Loose powder

Colour: Between off-white to tan/ light brown

Origin: Nigeria

Other Names: Black soap powder, African black soap powder, powdered black soap, powdered African black soap

Ingredients: Plantain ashes, coconut and cocoa pod ashes, coconut oil, palm kernel oil, shea butter.

Common Uses: To DIY liquid black soap for face or body wash, to make natural hair shampoo, as a soap base to formulate solid soap bars or shampoo.

Note: Colour of powdered Black Soap will darken when it is moistened with water.


Product Summary (Black Soap Powder)

  • 100% pure African black soap in powder form
  • Does not contain colouring or dye
  • Plain and easy to mix for making a customized black soap formula
  • Soap is Handmade in Nigeria, and still is popularly used in Nigeria. Did you know that African Black Soap originated in Nigeria? (see details down below).


Powdered Black Soap vs Solid Form Black Soap (Non-Powdered)

Some black soap users like to use their black soap in liquid form, as liquid bath soap or or face wash or natural hair shampoo. These types of people prefer the powdered form of black soap which is less-messy and easier to mix with water.

Traditionally, many Nigerian and Africans love to customize their black soap by adding their choice of oils and other skincare ingredients that target specific effects they are looking for (skin lightening effects, for example). Powdered and non-powdered forms of African Black Soap can be customized BUT the powdered form of Black Soap is easier  to work with and stir when liquid is added.

Powdered Black Soap is who reformulate their black soap, as it’s easier to work with as a soap base than the solid block-form Black Soap.

*We also sell the solid form Black Soap here on ElsieOrganics.

Benefits of Powdered African Black Soap

  • Easy to be customized to make your own unique soap with your choice of oils and scents
  • It’s easy and quick to mix with water
  • Moisturizing property
  • Clarifying and Cleansing properties
  • Bubbles and lathers well when wet


Common Uses of Powdered Black Soap

  • It can be mixed with water and/ or oils and other ingredients to form Black Soap Paste and then filled into jars like regular black soap.
  • It can be customized or reformulated to make solid black soap bars, by adding oil(s), water and other desired skincare ingredients.
  • It can be used to make liquid black soap
  • It can be mixed with water (and oil, optional) to make clarifying hair shampoo
  • It can be used as-is and moistened whenever you need to use it


How African Black Soap Originated From Nigeria

Fun Fact: African Black Soap  originated from Nigeria and was introduced to Ghana by women pepper sellers/ traders. In Nigerian Yoruba Language, pepper is called ‘Ata’ and pepper traders are called ‘Alata’.  Hence, Ghanaians named Nigerian Black Soap ‘Samina Alata’, literally meaning ‘Soap of pepper traders’.

*Note: Colour of these handmade soaps may vary from batch to batch. 

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