Welcome to Elsie Organics online shop, your source for all things quality cosmetic raw materials and packaging containers for your skincare and haircare business. We are a supplier and vendor of quality cosmetics formulation ingredients, ayurvedic herbs, soap and candle making supplies. We ship across Nigeria and Worldwide.

You’ll love our extra-discounted bulk orders when shopping for ingredients to make products you sell. We also cater to the needs of individual customers/ end users who love to DIY their own bath and bodycare products (such as creams, soaps).

Our mission is to help small/ micro makers and startup or Indie beauty entrepreneurs grow their business. We do this by supplying a wide range of the best quality ingredients at competitive prices plus fast delivery to you.

We’re dedicated to providing you with the very best organic raw materials (plants & flower extracts, herbs, etc.) and active ingredients – with a focus on top quality, great prices, pleasant customer service and fast shipping.

Our goal is to help you grow your business and profits, through competitive and wholesale product prices and affordable shipping costs (thanks to our logistics partners). We are here for every size of business, even the tiny ones. That is why we have no minimum order quantity on bulk orders – you can order as much (or few) as you want, any time you want.

Elsie Organics was born out of an enthusiasm for natural/ organic skincare and green beauty, and the belief that there are quality-focused makers right here in Nigeria. We believe in made-in-Nigeria and Elsie Organics is our little way to contribute. We believe that the quality of any product has everything to do with the quality of the ingredients they’re made from.

At Elsie Organics, quality products and customer satisfaction is our priority. Therefore, we strive to ensure that every customer who buys from us gets a pleasant and memorable experience – right from the time you place an order on our website, to when you receive your products.

If there’s any product you don’t find here, feel free to let us know, we just might stock/ re-stock it just for you – especially if a few other customers have also asked for it. Listening to our customers is part of our culture as a business.

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