Safflower Petals (Dried)

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INCI Name: Carthamus Tinctorius

Other Names: False Saffron

Form: Dried, loose flower petals

Colour: Dark red or orange to yellow colour

Rich in: Anti-Oxidants (including Vitamin E, phenolic compounds), fatty acids

Common Uses of Safflower Petals in Skincare

  • Used as a cheaper alternative to the expensive Saffron Petals;
  • Infused in a carrier oil to make skin-loving Safflower carrier oil;
  • Used to make Safflower essential oil
  • Used as a natural colourant for bar soaps and bath bombs
  • Used to decorate bar soaps and bath bombs
  • Used to add a rich vibrant colour to bath salts and skin oils;


Properties and Benefits of Safflower Petals

Anti-inflammatory Properties: Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, Safflower helps to relieve skin irritated and inflamed skin, while repairing the skin barrier.

Moisturizing Properties: Due to its rich fatty acid content, can hydrate your skin, Safflower is able to keep the skin hydrated and plum. The oil from Safflower Petals, Safflower oil, easily absorbs into the skin to deliver the essential skin-loving fatty acids that keeps the skin moisturized.

Stimulates Hair Growth: The oil infused from Safflower Petals leaves the hair shiny, strengthens hair strands and helps stimulate hair growth by improving blood circulation.

Acne-Fighting and Scar-Reducing Properties: Safflower Petals has a high Linoleic Acid content, which according to research, helps improve acne/ pimples. The oil infused from Safflower Petals is also acne-skin friendly – it does not clog the pores, helps sooth inflamed skin and helps fade the appearance of acne/ pimple scars.

Anti-Aging Properties: Safflower helps make the skin smoother and softer, reducing visible signs of aging such as wrinkles and fine lines. It also helps firm-up and tighten the skin.

Prevents Photo-Aging: Due to its rich anti-oxidant content, Safflower Petals help protect the hair and skin from harmful UV rays and prevents skin photoaging.

Skin brightening Properties: Safflower helps fades dark spots and skin hyperpigmentation. damage.

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1 review for Safflower Petals (Dried)

  1. Tolu (verified owner)

    I’ve also been looking for an affordable alternative to Saffron. Will circle back to this one I use it

    • ElsieOrganics (store manager)

      Saffron Petals are said to be one of the most expensive ‘spices’ Worldwide (it’s also used in cooking and baking). What you use it for would determine the possible available substitutes. Trusty Google can help lead one to see what others have been using instead of Saffron.

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