Polyquaternium-7 (Polyquat 7)



INCI Name: Polyquaternium-7

Ingredient Function: Conditioning ingredient for hair and skin, cationic co-polymer, hair detangler, anti-static agent, moisturizer

Processing: Synthetic (Polyquaternium-7 is a quaternized copolymer of diallyl dimethyl ammonium chloride).

Other Names: Polyquat, Polyquart, polyquarternium-7, polyquaternium-7, polyquaterium-7, polyquarterium-7

Charge: Cationic/ Positive

Appearance: Thick, viscous, liquid

Colour: Clear to pale yellow

Texture: Silky smooth

Solubility: Water

Ingredient PH: 6.5-8.5

Stable in pH 3 to 12

Usage Rate: 0.2-5% (1-3% in hair products; 1-5% in skincare products)

Shelf Life: 24 months

Storage: Store in a tightly sealed container, in a cool and dry place.

Applications/ Common Types of Products Formulated with Polyquat 7:

  • Used in Hair Care Products including:  shampoos, conditioners, hair sprays
  • Used in Bath and Body Care Products including: bubble baths, bar soaps, body wash and shower gels, baby shampoo, body lotions, shaving creams, deodorants and antiperspirants.


Formulation Notes:

  • Add Polyquaternium-7 to the cool-down phase of your formulation
  • Polyquat 7 can be used in both anhydrous and water-based products
  • Stable in final pH 3 to 12
  • Polyquartenium 7 increases the viscosity of a formulation (keep that in mind).


Benefits of Polyquaternium 7 in Cosmetic Formulations

  • Improves a product’s skin-feel: Polyquat-7 adds a velvety, smooth feel to haircare and skincare products
  • Good detangling properties: Polyquat 7 provides significant glide and slip in the hair, making wet-combing much easier
  • Imparts gloss and softness to dry hair
  • Helps moisturize the skin and hair, and prevents frizz in hair
  • Film forming properties: Polyquaternium-7 forms an invisible film that enables hair to hold its shape for long

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