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Kojic Acid is an effective skin lightening ingredient. It’s a hydroquinone alternative for fading hyperpigmentation (dark skin patches) and dark spots on the skin.  Kojic Acid has been shown to reduce the appearance of unwanted dark spots, sunspots, age spots, dark spots, pimples/ acne spots.

Kojic Acid is a key ingredient in many commercial-brand dark spot erasers and lightening creams, soaps, and serums. Kojic Acid works by preventing the formation of excess melanin, resulting in the fading of unwanted blemishes/ dark spots and a clearer even skin tone.

Product Summary (Kojic Acid Powder)

  • Natural and plant-derived
  • Obtained from: Kojic acid is an ingredient obtained from different types of fungi, including mushrooms, fermented rice wine (also known as Sake) and fermented soy sauce.
  • Used for ages, by Asian women, for skin lightening
  • Is both an exfoliant and antioxidant
  • Kojic Acid lightens the skin by preventing the formation of excess skin-darkening pigments, known as melanin.
  • Kojic Acid is a cosmetic raw material/ ingredient, and so requires preparation and skincare formulation knowledge/ experience before using.
  • Water-soluble


Kojic Acid Benefits

  • Fades dark spots and dark patches due to its antioxidant and exfoliation properties, as well as Kojic Acid’s melanin-inhibiting properties.
  • Has Anti-inflammatory properties and so Kojic Acid helps relieve inflamed, itchy and red skin.
  • Antibacterial Properties: It can protect the skin from some types of bacteria
  • Antioxidant Properties: Kojic Acid promotes the appearance of a youthful skin


Common Uses of Kojic Acid

  • Skin Lightening Creams: Kojic Acid is commonly found in dark-spot erasers, blemish-fading serums and creams, cleansers and bar soaps.  It’s used as an ingredient in soap making or formulation of creams/ lotions, serums, toners and other types of skincare products.
  • Food Preservative: In the food industry, Kojic acid is occasionally used as a natural preservative.



  • kojic acid powder is water-soluble. It dissolves in water-based solutions including water-based lotions and serums.
  • Kojic acid is not soluble in oil. It does not dissolve in oil-based solutions, such as heavy creams.


Usage Rate – Kojic Acid Powder

It’s recommended to use 1 to 5% Kojic Acid in any cosmetic/ skincare formulation. Do not use at higher concentration, to avoid skin irritation. 2% is normal, and 1% for sensitive skin.

For example:

  • To make 2% Kojic Acid Lotion: Add 2 grams of Kojic Acid Powder in a 100gram lotion-base.
  • To make 5% Kojic Acid Lotion: Add 5 grams (approximately 2 level teaspoons) of Kojic Acid Powder in a 100gram lotion-base.


Usage Direction in Formulations

For best results, first, dissolve Kojic Acid Powder before adding it to a cream or lotion-base.

Mix Kojic Acid Powder into an already-made commercial lotion/ cream. You can add it into a pre-made lotion and then let it sit in warm/ heated water to approximated 40 degrees Centigrade.

Extra NOTES for Formulating With Kojic Acid

a. Stay within the recommended percentage usage rates: Do not use Kojic Acid at a stronger-than-recommended concentration. Using more than the recommended percentage usage rates will not make your Kojic Acid cream/ lotion/ soap more effective.

b. Can Cause Skin Irritation if: Adding too much Kojic Acid (high percentage) can cause skin irritation when used over a long time.

c. Maintain Consistent Use: It is an everyday application that makes kojic acid effective and not a higher strength/percentage of kojic acid.

d. Use it with sunscreen: All skin lighteners, including Kojic Acid, reduce the skin’s ability to protect against sun rays.

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