Quarantine Certificate and PhytoSanitary Certificate (for Pre-Shipping Abroad Documents for some Products)




Please note that this product here is strictly for our International customers who have already purchased our products which require these certificates. *THESE DOCUMENTS ARE PROCESSED ALONGSIDE SHIPPING FOR OUR CUSTOMERS, NOT PROCESSED ALONE*

Our shippers, not us, are the ones that process these documents.  Please contact your shipper if you’re not our customer that made product purchases.

Our international customers who require these documents should first have confirmed their shipping cost and have first paid for their shipping cost along with their products cost, or are making payments for all at once (i.e. products + shipping + these certificates).

WHO THIS IS NOT FOR: This products (certificates) are not for the public, and not for sale. Please contact your shipper to process it for you.


Quarantine Certificate and PhytoSanitary Certificate are mandatory Nigerian Government requirements for inspection and shipping of some Natural Powdered Ingredients before Shipping Abroad. These are for some products classified as food and vegetables.

Each of these documents have a fee, and the payments are specified and made to the federal Ministry of Health and the federal Ministry of Agriculture.

Processing of these documents are handled by the logistics/ shipping company.


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