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Arrowroot powder is a starch-based powder that is found in many skincare products due to its ability to make a product feel silky and less greasy. Arrowroot powder is a starch obtained from roots of different tropical plants including Maranta arundinacea, tapioca from cassava ( Manihot esculenta ), which is often labelled as arrowroot.

INCI Name: Maranta Arundinacea Root

Other Names: Tapioca, cassava starch, Florida arrowroot, kuzu, mandioca, yuca, arrow root starch, maranta, manicot, manihot

Derived From: Starchy roots of  tropical Arrowroot plant  or other tropical starchy root plants

Ingredient Function: Thickener, Reduces Greasy Skin-feel in Products

Appearance: Fine, silky white powder; light/ not heavy

Solubility: Water

Storage: Store in a cool and dry place

Shelf Life: 3 years

Usage Rate: 1-95%

  • Body Butter: 1 teaspoon per 500 grams of product, more if necessary
  • Lotions and Creams: 1-30%
  • Face Masks: 5-95%
  • Body Powders and Foot Powders: 5-95%
  • Natural Deodorants: 20-30%
  • Bath Products: 5-95%
  • Haircare products:  5-95%
  • Face Powder and Powder Makeup: 5-95%

Formulation Notes: Other ingredients that perform a similar function as Arrowroot powder include cornflour and tapioca starch. Those can be substituted for Arrow root powder.

Common Uses of ArrowRoot Powder In Formulation

  • Prevent Greasiness in Finished Product: Arrowroot powder is added to skincare formulations to help prevent a greasy feeling on the skin. Commonly used in body butters, balms, face masks, body scrubs and more
  • Thickener: Arrowroot also acts as a thickener in some formulations
  • Improves Skin-Feel of Finished Products: Arrow root powder makes a product feel silky to the skin, without being chalky
  • Talc-Free Powder Ingredient: Arrowroot powder is used as a natural Talc alternative to make natural body and face powder.
  • Deodorant Ingredient: Arrowroot powder is added as an ingredient in Deodorants, to help thicken natural deodorant formulations and also provides an improved glide
  • Powder Ingredient: Arrowroot powder is used as an ingredient for making deodorizing and soothing foot powder

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