Ethanol (DeNatured Alcohol)


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Our Ethanol is denatured, and therefore not suitable for drinking or consumption, but strictly for lab or cosmetic formulation.

INCI Name: Ethyl Alcohol

Other Names: Grain Alcohol

Concentration: 99% Ethanol, 1% Denaturant

Type: Cosmetic Grade

Ingredient Function: Solvent, Sanitizer

Appearance: Clear/ colourless liquid

Common Uses of Ethanol for Formulators:

  • Solvent: Ethanol is a solvent for many cosmetic formulation ingredients;
  • Solvent for perfumes, perfume oils and fragrance oils (it helps dissolve and mix the oils);
  • Hand Sanitizers and household cleaning products;
  • Sanitizer/ Sterilizer: Ethanol can be used to sanitize/ sterilize/ disinfect work spaces, containers and formulation tools and equipment. Ethanol helps kill micro-organisms (including fungi, bacteria, and viruses);
  • For Herbal Extraction: Ethanol is used as a solvent to extract active ingredients from herbs;
  • Generally, Ethanol is used as a window cleaner and in the making of window cleaners;
  • Astringents and facial cleansers.


Denatured Ethanol vs regular Ethanol

Denatured Ethanol is not edible. Regular Ethanol is safe for drinking, but DeNatured Ethanol is not safe for drinking due to the denaturing.

Also known as denatured Alcohol, Denatured Ethanol is ethanol to which additives have been added to make it non-edible  (i.e. unsuitable and unsafe for drinking or human consumption). Denatured Alcohol is made specifically for cosmetic, lab, industrial, and domestic uses.

*NOTE: This is a cosmetic grade product; For external use only (not to be consumed internally/ eaten); Use for formulation of cosmetic and personal care products only.

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