Ghana Green Soap Balls (Whitening Balls/ Anti-Reaction Soaps)



Ghana Green Balls Soaps, also known as ‘3 days whitening soaps’  are handmade soaps with lightening properties. These soaps are made in Ghana. They are used as lightening additives to be mixed into existing soaps such as the African Black Soap.

Other Names: Green soap balls, 3 days whitening balls, whitening balls, 3 days whitening balls, 3 days whitening soap, anti-stretch marks soap, anti-reaction soap

Ingredients:  Cocoa pod ash, palm kernel oil, coconut oil, shea butter

Form: Ball shaped solid soaps; Each white soap ball is very tiny in size, similar to the size of a small egg or small lime fruit, or Nigerian Kuli-kuli.

Colour: Green

Origin: Ghana

Properties: Fast skin lightening/ brightening properties

Benefits and claims: Promotes skin lightening and fades dark spots and hyperpigmentation, prevents stretch marks

Usage: Concentrated soap – Not to be used alone. Add to an existing soap such as black soap, bar soap or liquid soap. Add about 2 to 3 Ghana Green Soap whitening balls to a Wrap of Ghana Black Soap and see how it works. Up to 8-10 green balls can be added to a wrap of black soap, for more intensive lightening effect. *May be harsh on sensitive skin. Do a patch test before using.

*Note: Colour of these handmade soaps may vary from batch to batch.

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10 Pieces


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