Ghana Anti-Pimples Soap Balls



Ghana anti-pimples soap is traditionally used in Ghana to treat or prevent pimples. Ghana anti-pimples soap balls are usually mixed into black soap.

Other Names: Anti-pimples ball, anti-pimples soap, Ghana anti-pimples soap, Ghana anti-pimples balls

Form: Tiny, ball shaped solid soaps. Each anti-pimples ball-shaped soap is tiny in size, similar to the size of a small egg or small lime fruit, or Nigerian Kuli-kuli.

Colour: Tan/ light brown to egg-shell colour, potato-skin colour (light brown)

Origin: Ghana

Properties: Intense foaming capability, mild skin lightening effect, Anti-rashes

Benefits and Claims: Prevents and treats acne/ pimples, helps gets rid of rashes and skin irritations,

Usage: Concentrated soap – Not to be used alone. Mix it into to an existing soap such as black soap, bar soap or liquid soap. Add about 5 to 10 Ghana white soap balls to a Wrap of Ghana Black Soap. *May be harsh on sensitive skin. Do a patch test before using.

*Note: Colour of these handmade soaps may vary from batch to batch.

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10 Pieces


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