Red Oxide Pigment Powder (Colourant)



This red oxide pigment powder is a matte colour and non-bleeding. You can use this colour alone (as the only colour) or use it to deepen the tone of other colours. It is dispersible in glycerin. This oxide pigment is stable in cold process soaps, not recommended for Melt and Pour soaps, and also not recommended for use in lotions and bath-bombs. This colour is FDA-approved for use in eyes, lips and nails products.

Product Summary (Red Oxide Pigment Powder)

  • Matte-finish colour and non-bleeding
  • True to colour
  • Dispersible in glycerin
  • Stable in cold process soaps
  • Not recommended for: Melt and Pour soaps, bath bombs, lotions
  • Safe for formulation of eyes, lips and nails products


Common Name: Iron Oxide

INCI Name: Iron Oxide

Finish: Matte, pure in tone/ true to colour

Mixes Best in: Glycerin, Propylene Glycol

Stable in Cold Process? Yes

Stable in Melt and Pour? No

Safe for Bath Bombs? No

Safe for Lotions? No

Does this Colour Bleed/ Migrate? No, this colourant will not migrate or “bleed”.

UV Fade? No, this colour non-fading under light

Eye-Safe? Yes, this colour is safe in eye products

Lip Safe? Yes, this colour is safe in lip products

Nail Safe? Yes, this colour is safe in nail products


Colour Behaviour/ Performance Results:

  • Colour: In a clear soap base, this colourant produces a sharp/ vibrant colour. In an opaque/ whitish soap base, this colourant produces a pastel colour.
  • Product pH: This colour will not change in high pH products.
  • Colour Fading: This colour is not light sensitive.
  • Colour Bleed/ Migration: If your product design has layered colours, this colour will not ‘bleed’ or migrate between the layers.

Usage Directions

For Mineral Makeup: Add the powdered colour directly to the base.

For Cold Process Soaps: Mix 1 teaspoon colour with 1 tablespoon of any lightweight oil or glycerin. Then slowly add the dispersed colour to your soap batter, one teaspoon at a time.

If you want to eye-ball it: Add the colour pigment to a small amount of liquid glycerin. Mix well. Then combine the mix to your soap base.


  • If you want a darker colour, add more of the powder oxide pigment. Ensure to add small at a time to see what it looks like, and avoid adding too much.
  • If you use just-enough amount of colour in your soap, you should not have coloured foam/ bubble/ lather. Therefore, a sign that you have used too much colour is if your soap bubbles are not white.

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