Yellow Oxide Pigment Powder (Colourant)

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Yellow Oxide pigment powder is used to colour a wide range of bath and body care products, and makeup products. Oxides are naturally-occurring minerals in the Earth. They are also manufactured in the lab. Colourants add more fun to a formulation.

Unlike natural colourants, Oxide Pigments/ colourants bar soaps coloured with oxide colourants do not experience colour-fading over time. Also, a little Oxide Colourant goes a long way – a small quantity of oxide powder is all you need (see the recommended usage rates below).

INCI Name: Iron Oxide

Appearance: Yellow colour; fine powder, loose pigments

Processing: Synthetic, lab-produced version of exact nature-identical oxides that are free of impurities.

Solubility: Not soluble in water; Dispersible in Oil; Soluble in Isopropyl Alcohol

Recommended Usage Rate: 1 teaspoon oxide powder per 500 grams of soap | You can also start with 1% of your batch size.

Uses/ Application: Bar soaps (cold process, melt and pour), mellt and pour soaps, bath bombs, makeup products

Formulation Notes:

  • Pre-mix the Yellow Oxide powder before adding into your soap batter (see tips below).
  • Don’t add all the pre-mixed Yellow Oxide Powder at once! Start with a small quantity to see if you like the colour depth. Add it in bits, slowly (tips are below).
  • How much Yellow Oxide powder colourant is enough to use? Use 1 teaspoon oxide powder for every 500 grams of soap batter
  • For Cold Process Soap Making: Mix/ disperse 1 teaspoon of Yellow Oxide colourant powder with 1 tablespoon of lightweight oil, to colour 500 grams of soap batter. Then, add 1 teaspoon of dispersed pigment at a time, at trace, to the soap batter. Stir well and add some more as needed or until you get your desired colour depth.
  • For Melt and Pour soap making: Mix 1 teaspoon of yellow Oxide powder with 1 tablespoon of Glycerin or 99 percent Isopropyl Alcohol (aka Rubbing alcohol). Next, add one-quarter teaspoon of dispersed pigment at a time to the melted soap. Stir well and add more as needed or until you get your desired colour depth.
  • When to Add the Colour: For cold process soaps, ad the pre-mixed colourant at trace.
  • Can you add more colourant? Yes, you can, BUT be careful, as too much may cause the soap to bleed colour during use/washing. It is recommended to do small test-batches before doing a big batch.
  • Note that results of final colour will vary according to the colour of your base oils. Formulations or soaps with colourless base oils will give a final colour close to or same as the colourant you used.

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