Palm Kernel Oil (Cold Processed PKO)

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Looking for where to buy original clear-colour Palm Kernel Oil (PKO) in Nigeria? We sell good quality cold-pr0cessed Palm Kernel Oil suitable for personal use or as an ingredient for soap making, for making skincare products or any type of cosmetics. Our prices are affordable and they get even lower for bulk orders with wholesale prices based on volume discounts. We deliver nationwide.

Product Information

  • Common Names: Palm Kernel Oil, PKO, Ude Aki/ Nmanu Aki (in Igbo language), Adin Dudu (in Yoruba)
  • INCI: Elaeis Guineensis
  • Obtained From: Kernels/ Seeds of Palm Nuts
  • Form/ Consistency: Liquid at Nigerian weather-temperature; semi-solid and solid at temperate climates.
  • Extraction Method: Cold-Pressed
  • Colour: Transparent/ Clear, off-white
  • Smell:  Very light scent
  • Skin-Feel & Absorption: Leaves an oily feeling when applied to the skin.
  • Origin: Nigeria, Malaysia
  • Shelf Life:  Minimum of 1 to 2 years, and more if stored properly (in a cool place, out of direct sunlight). Shelf life can be extended if stored in the fridge after opening.
  • Weight/ Size: Different sizes available (choose an option before adding to cart).
  • Note: Colour may vary slightly from batch to batch, as this is a natural product whereby seeds and nuts are not identical.


Common Uses

  • Use as-is on skin and hair for moisturizing benefits
  • Use as a soap-making ingredient to increase lather and hardness of soap bars. Soap makers are the major buyer of our Palm Kernel Oil, which they use in large quantity.
  • Use as a cosmetic ingredient in the making of lotions, creams, lip gloss and more
  • Use as a massage oil
  • Usage Rate: 1-100%


Usage in Soap Making

Known for its lathering and hardness properties, PKO is a popular soapmaking oil. It can be used as the only oil or combined with other oil(s) to increase the lather and hardness of soap, due to its high content of Lauric, Palmitic and Myristic acids.

The hardening benefit of PKO in soap making is desirable as it produces bar soaps that do not become soft when left in the bathroom, hence makes long-lasting soap bars.

When used as the only oil in soapmaking, Palm Kernel Oil produces white-coloured, hard bar soaps with lots of lather and leaves a dry feel on the skin. When using PKO as a single oil or in large quantity in cold process soap making, adding an excess (superfat) of 20% or slightly less of the Palm Kernel Oil will prevent the skin from feeling dry when the soap is used.

NOTE: When used in large quantity (above 30%) in cold process soap-making, Palm Kernel Oil traces faster, causing soap formulas to saponify faster than normal.

Although Palm Kernel Oil is derived from African Palm trees just as Palm Oil, they have different SAP values and so behave differently in soaps. Therefore, PKO cannot be substituted with Plam oil (and vice-versa) to get the same results.

Why Buy From Us?

  • This product is clear/ transparent in colour and not black. Our PKO (Palm Kernel Oil) does not stain clothes/ fabrics. This is because it was processed by cold-pressing, and not by the traditional heat-process which roasts/ fries and burns the palm kernels.
  • This is cold-processed Palm Kernel Oil (PKO), and so has all the skin and hair-loving nutrients intact. Heat-processing strips PKO off some of its nutrients.
  • Our Palm Kernel oil is original (authentic) and unadulterated. It’s not mixed with anything. You can order in bulk or small quantity, and our prices are volume-based discounted for bulk orders.
  • It’s very easy to place an order with us and we deliver nationwide across Nigeria and Worldwide.

Additional information

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5 reviews for Palm Kernel Oil (Cold Processed PKO)

  1. Faith Okafor (verified owner)

    Have not used any cold press pko as good as this. Great work.

    • ElsieOrganics (store manager)

      Thanks for the feedback, Faith. I’m glad our PKO met your quality expectation. Hope to see you buy again next time.

  2. Zainab A. (verified owner)

    I used to run away from PKO but will definitely be using this as I love the light color and smell

    • ElsieOrganics (store manager)

      Thanks for the feedback, Zainab. I’m glad you love our cold-processed Palm Kernel Oil’ colour and smell. Your skin will also love it.

  3. Joseph (verified owner)

    Very good

    • ElsieOrganics (store manager)

      Thanks for your feedback, Joseph. It was a pleasure serving you your order. I look forward to your shopping with us again. Enjoy your Palm Kernel Oil.

  4. Juliet

    I have never seen any online vendor as good as any one who is behind Elsie organics.
    She sent my orders, followed it up, called to make sure that everything is moving. Chai even added up to me. Please Ma am using this opportunity to tell you that my order have arrived intact and you are the best among all. I wish the whole world will patronize you ,to see how good you are, very sincere . May God almighty bless you Amen!!! From Onitsha customer

    • ElsieOrganics (store manager)

      Hi Juliet, thank you so very much for your feedback. I am happy to hear that you have received your order. You just made my day/ week, knowing that you valued our customer follow-up practice. Thank you 💕. It was a pleasure taking your order and checking up with you till your order arrived.

      Again, thank you for ordering from us, and we look forward to seeing you around again.

      Enjoy your purchase!

  5. Aisha Ardo (verified owner)


    • ElsieOrganics (store manager)

      Thank you, Aisha

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