Lanolin is a soft grease and natural wax obtained from sheep wool.  It has a skin-loving high-fat content that helps keep skin moisturized and while preventing the skin from drying. Lanolin is widely used as an ingredient in cosmetic and pharmaceutical formulations. Popular types of beauty and skincare products containing Lanolin on their ingredient labels include nipple creams, dry hands and cracked feet balms, hair creams, chapped lips balm and more.

Ingredient Function: Moisturizing, Occlusive

Other Names: Wool grease

Appearance: Viscous, yellow oil

Ingredient Type: Grease, wax

Obtained From: Animal, precisely Lanolin comes from wool (of Sheeps).

Solubility: Soluble in oil; not soluble in water

Usage Rate: 2-10%, up to 20% (in emulsions), and up to 100% in anhydrous products.

Storage: Store in a tightly sealed container in a cool and dark place

Shelf Life: 18-24 Months, if properly stored

Example Products Formulated With Lanolin: Nipple cream, cracked heel balms and salves, lip balms, dry skin relief lotions and creams, hair creams and pomades.

Liquid Lanolin vs Lanolin Wax: Lanolin Oil, also known as Liquid Lanolin, is a yellow, viscous oil from fractionated, steam-distilled lanolin wax. Regular lanolin is a thicker waxy material. Liquid Lanolin has a lighter feel than lanolin wax. Both varieties can be used as an effective water-in-oil emulsifier.

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