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Sodium Lactate is the sodium salt of Lactic Acid that has moisturizing property and other skin-loving benefits. It can be found in the ingredient labels of many types of products including lotions, hair products, cleansers and soaps. Sodium Lactate is a more effective humectant than Glycerin, with the ability to hold twice the amount water.

INCI Name: Sodium Lactate

Ingredient Function: Humectant

Derived From: Fermentation of corn and beet plant sugars

Appearance: Clear liquid with thin and soft texture

Solubility: Water

PH: 7.5-9

Storage: Store in a cool, dry place, away from moisture

Shelf Life: 5 to 6 years

Usage Rate:

  • Lotions: Use 0.5% – 5%   |  Add Sodium Lactate to water phase of a formulation
  • Cold Process Soaps: Use 1 teaspoon per pound of oils. *Add Sodium Lactate to cooled Lye Water. Adding too much Sodium Lactate during soap making will result in very hard, brittle and crumbly bar soaps
  • Hot Process Soaps: Use 3-5% of the weight of your oil


Formulation Notes:

  • Add Sodium Lactate to water phase of a formulation
  • Sodium Lactate is a non-sticky alternative to glycerin. It also creates a better skin-feel than glycerin
  • In Soap Making: Add Sodium Lactate to the Lye Solution.
  • Substitutions: Vegetable glycerin, propanediol, propylene glycol


Properties of Sodium Lactate

  • Moisturizing Property: Sodium Lactate helps keep the skin hydrated due to its humectant property, by which it draws moisture to the skin
  • Mild skin lightening properties: When used at higher than 5%, Sodium Lactate has helps exfoliate the skin, revealing a radiant skin and a lighter complexion
  • Antioxidant property
  • PH Adjuster
  • Preservative booster


Uses of Sodium Lactate in Bath and Bodycare Formulation

  • Non-Sticky, Light-Weight Humectant: When added to emulsion-type formulations such as lotions, Sodium Lactate helps moisturize the skin without feeling sticky/ tacky (like glycerin does), and also helps prevent lotions from drying out if left open
  • Soap Hardening Agent: Sodium Lactate helps create firmer, harder bar soaps, which have the benefit of lasting longer in the bathroom (preventing soaps from going moist/ soggy). *As a result of the hardening effect, Sodium Lactate makes your bar soaps cure/ dry faster
  • Soap Texture Enhancer: In hot process soaps, Sodium Lactate helps create smooth and creamy bar soaps that are firm/ hard
  • Preservative Booster: Sodium Lactate is commonly used as a preservative in the food industry
  • PH Stabilizer/ Buffering Agent: Sodium Lactate helps adjust a product’s PH value to within the skin’s natural PH, without  a need for PH adjusting


*NOTE: This product is for external use only; Use for cosmetic formulations only

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