Beetroot Powder (Beet Powder)



INCI Name: Beta Vulgaris (Beet) Root Powder

Other Names: Red Beet, Beet, Garden Beet, Beet Powder

Appearance: Bright red powder

Derived From: Dried and ground roots/ taproot part of Red Beet plant.

Solubility: Water-soluble

Storage: Store in a tightly sealed container, away from heat, direct sun and moisture.

Shelf Life: 12 Months

Common Uses of Beetroot Powder:

  • Natural soap colourant in soap making
  • Natural colour for lotions, creams, body scrub, bath bomb, and more
  • Ingredient for DIY face mask
  • Ingredient for DIY Hair mask
  • As an ingredient in formulation of skincare products
  • Natural hair dye (Beet root hair dye) to get a burgundy-red tint/ colour to the hair;
  • Natural colourant for lip balms to get a rosy-pink hue/ tint (natural pink lips ingredient);
  • Added to smoothies for nutritional benefits
  • Mixed with water to make Beetroot Juice
  • Added to cooking including baked food, soups and sauces


Usage Rates/ Formulation Notes (Beet Powder)

Beetroot Powder has a catchy, bright deep pink colour but it doesn’t come out the same in soaps. Below is a guide on how to pre-mix and use Beetroot Powder to colour soap. We highly advice that you first do a small test-batch or batches with different quantities of Beet Powder to confirm that you like the final soap colour – before colouring a bigger soap batch with Beetroot Powder.

For Cold Process Soap Making: Add some Beetroot Powder to your oil(s), and then the stick-blend to get it properly dispersed in the oil. *NOTE that Beet Root Powder turns bar soaps between yellow and brown colour, depending on the quantity of powder used. The soap gradually  fades to a gray or brown colour. 

For Melt and Pour Soap Making: Add some Beetroot Powder to a small amount of  Vegetable Glycerin. The resulting colour is between a deep pink colour to Purple coloured oil.

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